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HOWTO: Rename Pages

:?: Is there a way to rename a page in DokuWiki?

Using a Plugin

The move plugin adds functionality to DokuWiki that allows a simpler way for an administrator to move/rename pages and media. It moves history and fixes backlinks.

Old plugins

For historical references:

  • The pagemove plugin. Moves pages. But some report that it does not work currently and produces a lot of unwanted changes! Predecessor of the Move plugin.
  • The editx plugin moves/renames pages with their history metadata, but does not update any other pages for you. You still have to check/fix backlinks manually.

Just copy & delete page

Renaming would possibly break a lot of links linking to the old page. Since DokuWiki doesn't know which pages link where this cannot be handled by DokuWiki. An easy way to “rename” a page is to simply create the new one and then change the content of the old page to something like this:

Moved to [[newpage]].

Then visit the pages linking to the old page, and update them to refer to the new page. This can be done gradually. Alternatively, use one of the page-redirect plugins listed at: How to make a redirect page?.

Note that the old revisions will not be moved with that page. If you like to move them too, use a plugin.

On the file system

You can also rename/move the txt files in the file system, and the gz files in the attic. This will break links and metadata.

:?: Break links? I assume this mean the old link have to update manually to able to point to new page name.
About losing metadata, see here (bottom page).
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