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:?: I want to comply with the EU Cookie Law and need to know what kind of cookies DokuWiki uses?

:!: A default installation of DokuWiki sets three cookies. But be aware that plugins can set their own cookies!


Used for authentication after login. This holds the necessary data to (re)login a previously authenticated user.

  • Importance: necessary for anyone who needs to log in
  • Typical content: encrypted username and password
  • Expires: in a year 1)


Used for remembering helpful user preferences, like the size of the editor textarea.

  • Importance: functional
  • Typical content: name/value pairs in plain text
  • Expires: in a year


The standard PHP session identifier. Used to hold temporary data and to avoid CSRF attacks.

  • Importance: necessary
  • Typical content: random ID
  • Expires: at the end of the browser session
if “Remember me” was checked when logging in, otherwise: at the end of the browser session
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