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 You can exclude the ''cache'', ''index'', ''locks'', and ''tmp'' directories. You can exclude the ''cache'', ''index'', ''locks'', and ''tmp'' directories.
-Note: [[ | Debian layout]] is a little different.+Note: if you installed DokuWiki through a 3rd party package like [[install:Debian]] the directory layout may differ.
-====== How to restore from backup DokuWiki? ====== 
-===== Restore DokuWiki on same server - different folder ===== 
-==== Scenario: want two duplicate/same versions of DokuWiki installed on the same server, where one install is live and the other install for testing ==== 
-  - Example case: original DokuWiki installed in ''../dw'' folder. Then do a second install (same version of DokuWiki) in ''../dw2'' folder. Verify DokuWiki is working in ''../**dw2**''. 
-  - Install custom DokuWiki template, in this case using [[|vector template]]. 
-    - Upload, extract and rename into the ''../**dw2**/lib/tpl/vector'' folder 
-    - If using a custom logo, then copy ''../dw/lib/tpl/vector/user/logo.jpg'' to ''../**dw2**/lib/tpl/vector/user/logo.jpg'' 
-  - login DokuWiki Admin (Configuration Manager) make following changes 
-    - Basic: change template to **vector** 
-    - Advanced: use nice URLs > .htaccess 
-    - Advanced: Use slash as namespace separator in URLs 
-  - Configure [[|URL Rewriting]] 
-    - edit ''../dw2/.htaccess.dist'' by uncommenting (removing #) the url rewrite code section then save as ''../dw2/.htaccess'' 
-  - Copy following folders 
-    - ''../dw/data'' to ''../dw2/data''  
-    - ''../dw/conf'' to ''../dw2/conf'' 
-    - ''../dw/lib/plugins'' to ''../dw2/lib/plugins'' (see below) 
-    - Used GoDaddy File Manager on shared hosting unless you have shell access privileges. 
-  - Plugins 
-    - Option 1: copy ''../dw/lib/plugins'' to ''../dw2/lib/plugins'' 
-      - login to DokuWiki Admin (Configuration Manager) > [[|Extension Manager]] (plugin bundled with DokuWiki) to check for proper install and required updates to plugins/templates 
-      - to ensure plugins are compatible, verify DokuWiki version is same between ''../dw'' and ''../dw2'' (tip from [[|mmturner]]) 
-    - Option 2: manually download and extract plugins into the ''/dw2/lib/plugins'' folder 
-  - Test everything is working 
-  - References 
-    - [[;nocount|DokuWiki Forum - moving copy of site to new folder]] 
 ===== See also ===== ===== See also =====
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