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 ====== Can changes be approved before publishing them? ====== ====== Can changes be approved before publishing them? ======
-Is there any kind of moderation ​do you/​he/​she/​it ​work available ​flow force page do you/​he/​she/​it compile approved ​being from a[ [admin]] before ​do I/they have published?+:?: Is there some kind of moderation work flow available to force page edits being approved by an admin before they are published?
-:!: A Wiki is not a system ​of the book industry ​in the traditional sense. Wiki means rapid in Hawaiian. Moderation of you/​he/​she/​it compile begin the express ​out of[ [wiki]] and he/​she/​it/​you makes it practically useless. This is [perchè] ​there is nobody this thing in DokuWiki.+:!: A Wiki is not a publishing ​system in the traditional sense. Wiki means quick in Hawaiian. Moderation of edits takes the quick out of wiki and renders ​it practically useless. This is why there is no such thing in DokuWiki.
-People ​thinks ​about install ​a[ [wiki]] he/​she/​it/​you ​for the first thick time does the error think about restrictions ​also much.+People ​thinking ​about installing ​a wiki for the first time often make the mistake to think about restrictions ​too much. OK
-My recommendation is: don't add any restrictions until he/she/it/you needs them. Everything leaves openshe/she/it/you sees it like you/​he/​she/​it workyou/​he/​she/​it ​then repair. Give a case to the community handle vandals and[ [spammers]] if the place is useful to the people ​that they will hold cleans. If opening is not a choice perhaps a[ [wiki]] it is not the correct utensil to all.+My recommendation is: don't add any restrictions until you need them. Leave everything opensee how it works, then adjust. Give the community ​a chance to handle vandals and spammers ​if the place is useful to the people they will keep it clean. If opening is not an option maybe a wiki isn'​t ​the right tool at all.
-This is particularly ​true in the job. If he/she/it/you wants to leave the power of job of the[ [wiki]] for you and your company ​that must authorize ​your employees. Give an easy use utensil ​and the liberty ​use it in their own street.+This is especially ​true in the workplace. If you want to let the power of wiki work for you and your company ​you have to empower ​your employees. Give them an easy to use tool and the freedom to use it in their own way.
-However, there is the [[plugin:​publish|Publish-plugin]],​ that has left us that he/she/it/you has put the social condition of the approval of a page.  +However, there'​s ​the [[plugin:​publish|Publish-plugin]],​ that lets you set a page's approval status.
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