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Can changes be approved before publishing them?

:?: Is there some kind of moderation work flow available to force page edits being approved by an admin before they are published?

:!: A Wiki is not a publishing system in the traditional sense. Wiki means quick in Hawaiian. Moderation of edits takes the quick out of wiki and renders it practically useless. This is why there is no such thing in DokuWiki.

People thinking about installing a wiki for the first time often make the mistake to think about restrictions too much.

My recommendation is: don't add any restrictions until you need them. Leave everything open, see how it works, then adjust. Give the community a chance to handle vandals and spammers - if the place is useful to the people they will keep it clean. If opening is not an option maybe a wiki isn't the right tool at all.

This is especially true in the workplace. If you want to let the power of wiki work for you and your company you have to empower your employees. Give them an easy to use tool and the freedom to use it in their own way.

However, there's the Publish-plugin, that lets you set a page's approval status.

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