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EXIF and IPTC metadata

DokuWiki can read and write EXIF and IPTC metadata in JPEG files. That information is shown in the image detail view and used as default title tags. The data can be edited through the media manager.

Which fields will be read and written is configured in the conf/mediameta.php config file, it contains an array $fields. Each field of the array is an array with the following contents:

  • fieldname - Where data will be saved (EXIF or IPTC field)
  • label - key to lookup in the $lang var, if not found printed as is
  • htmltype - 'text' or 'textarea'
  • lookups - array additional fields to lookup the data (EXIF or IPTC fields)

Which EXIF and IPTC types are available is listed at detail.php.

You can extend or overwrite this variable $fields by creating the conf/mediameta.local.php file.

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