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Private Collaboration

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I am using DokuWiki for any personal collaboration tasks like:

  • Organizing a once-a-year meeting of some families over a weekend
  • Sharing information of a volleyball team regarding training times, matches, carpooling, …
  • Sharing an open points list with the contractor who built our new bath room
  • Sharing information between my relatives
  • Collaboration with my technician colleagues of an amateur theatre

None of these Wikis has public content (sorry). There might be alternative solutions like GoogleDocs for the purposes mentioned above, but I like the fact that DokuWiki allows me to control and host the data myself. Besides this, DokuWiki is very easy to set up (no database required) and to maintain. Some of my users are struggling with the Wiki syntax. Therefore one of my Wikis used ckgedit für pseudo WYSIWYG. I recently changed to prosemirror, which has an excellent straight forward approach.

My users like thes DokuWikis because they always have the recent information in one place and need no more scrolling through their messenger to find everything together from different messages. Of course, they get notified automatically by the Wiki if the content changes.

As template I am using monobook. The navigation plugin creates a nice sidebar. I added div.plugin__navi - font-size: 1.3 em; to /lib/plugins/navi/style.less in order to adjust the font size.


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