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Island Forge: Tome of Lore

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Game Manual
Commercial Game

Island Forge: A World of Player-Created Content. Create Islands and Stories for Others to Explore! The brand-new old-school MMORPG.

We use DokuWiki to publish the Tome of Lore: the Game Manual, Player's Guide, and other documentation for Island Forge. Players can read the Tome of Lore on the Web site (but the wiki is not publicly editable).

In addition, the Island Forge game client includes in-game help, which pulls content directly from the Tome of Lore (the same DokuWiki installation).

The game software, which is written entirely in Java (by me), makes use of the ?do=export_xhtmlbody URL argument to fetch well-structured, plain XHTML, for parsing and display in the in-game help mini-browser.

While this works very well, it did take some development effort to integrate the wiki interaction. If anyone is interested in consulting or software development to do similar in your projects, please feel free to contact me!

I am overall very pleased with DokuWiki's elegant simplicity of design.

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