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 ---- dataentry dwinstallation ---- ---- dataentry dwinstallation ----
-screenshot_img350:           # url to a screenshot image of your site +screenshot_img350 : 
-site_url +site_url 
-installed_dt     : 2010-09-14 +installed_dt      : 2010-09-14 
-purpose_lbls     : webcomics crowdsource translating +purpose_lbls      : webcomicscrowdsourcetranslating 
-org_lbls         : non-profit +org_lbls          : non-profit 
-country          Russia+country           multilang (x21)
 ---- ----
-//Comicslate is a russian webcomics crowdsource translating projectLike: SQL-free, very scalable. Dislikenatively don't have %%<center>%% and other designer tags. Some special handmade plugins and scripts, bundle of point code edits, redesigned unpublished template and jabber conference as a forum. Contact information: wiki-based crowd translations of web comics with CSS stickers in 20+ languages. 
 +DokuWiki likes: SQL-free, very scalable. 
 +DokuWiki dislikespoor development of statistical tools. 
 +Contact information: <> 
 +24.04.2018 Picture updated
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