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DokuFreaks: Plugins on Life support

The dokufreaks Github organization is a place where plugins mostly abandoned by their orginal authors are minimally maintained. This means language updates are applied, trivial Pull Requests are applied and the plugins should be generally in a state that make them work in a recent DokuWiki release.

On the other hand this means that plugins listed there are not actively developed. Feature requests will mostly be ignored and Pull Requests that require some bigger effort to merge will probably be ignored forever.


  • Can I still use these plugins?
    • Yes, that's the point. We try to keep them alive because we find them useful
  • I found a bug. What now?
    • Submit it to the plugin's issue tracker. There are no guarantees if and when it will be fixed though. Your best guess would be fixing it yourself and to provide a Pull Request. Or maybe hire someone to do so.
  • Can I help out?
    • Yes, please! We need more people to even keep up the minimal support. Just submit your Pull Requests and mention that you'd like to join the organisation.
  • Can I adopt one of the plugins to start active development again?
    • That would be awesome! Please refer to adoption on how to proceed.
  • Can I add my plugins to the account? I don't have time to maintain them anymore.
    • Probably not. Unless we consider your plugin as a vital part of the DokuWiki community at large, we can not accept more plugins. We simply don't have the resources for that. Please try to find a maintainer from your plugin's current users
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