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User meeting Netherlands June 2015

Organizational Stuff


Please sign up (and/or add your real name) here:

Subjects that you want to hear/talk about


QWiki - Quintiq's dokiwiki-based Documentation Solution

I (Simon North) would like to show off what we've been doing in the R&D department using dokuwiki including:

  1. an internal wiki that is sourced to an external customer knowledgebase
  2. an online help implementation
    1. johanjohan

      : And how to make the wiki contents show up as the “first hit” in Google?
  3. a parameter description utility based on source code extraction
  4. a C++ documentation environment based on a Java code conversion utility
  5. a dokuwiki-on-a-stick implementation as a basis for escrow documentation and a project-based documentation platform
    • HarrietHarriet

      : 1 thru 3 very interesting to me. And considering using wiki-on-a-stick myself as a means for data backup for 'traditional' DWs but have not checked it out at all. So interested in that, too.

Strata: semi-structured data

I (BrendBrend Wanders

) would like to present the suite of semi-structured data plugins developed during my PhD. I would like to:

  1. Demonstrate the strata plugin (which allows you to describe and query semi-structured data inside dokuwiki)
  2. Show off the use of the associated templating plugin to display data in the way you want
  3. Give some real life examples and ways to use the plugins in your own wiki
  4. Explain why I decided to build my own plugins instead of using data
  5. Gather some information on directions of development

Hackfest Paris


  • Summary of the 'Quo vadis DokuWiki?' dialogue at the Hackfest
  • Some highlights of the meeting in Paris

Discussion topic options:


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