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Template Information

Each template needs to provide some basic information about itself. This is done through a file called located in the template directory.

Here's an example how such a file should look like.

base     example
author   My Full Name
date     2012-09-08
name     Example Template
desc     This is just an Example of how a template description looks like
Parameter Description
base The technical name of the template. Extension Manager will install it into this directory.1). See also template naming conventions
author The full name of the Template author
email E-Mail to contact the template author about this template
date The date of the last update of this template in YYYY-MM-DD form. Don't forget to update this when you update your template! 2)
name The human readable name of the template
desc A description of what the template does and look like
url URL to where more info about the template is available
It is important to have a unique base field value (i.e. template name) or an already existing template with that name could be overwritten.
This date should be equal to the “Last updated on” date on the templates page in the repository. This is needed for the automated update flagging used by the Extension Manager introduced in release Ponder Stibbons
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