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Template changes

DokuWiki's frontend code is quite old and doesn't always include XHTML/CSS according to best practices standards. But frontend code hardly gets changed because basically all templates need to get adjusted as well.

We plan to make some more “radical” changes to improve the quality of the code and this is the place to first propose and collect all upcoming changes and then to document the changes once they're done. The first step has been completed and changes have been made to “Adora Belle” (including new HTML for TOC and search, etc). But a second step with the changes below should follow at some point.


  • new HTML for
    • forms (Doku_Form)
    • link wizard
  • change/remove classes for
    • tables
    • change footnotes from <sup><a class=“foo”> to either <sup class=“foo”><a> or <a class=“foo”><sup>
  • remove <br />s where possible
  • remove html comments around javascripts
  • WAI-ARIA roles for
    • index (expanded=true|false) done in Binky
    • acl manager (index tree: expanded, acl__user: aria-visible=true|false + acl__info + table: aria-live=polite) done in Binky
    • required fields (partly done in Binky)
    • landmarks?: put in per JS into core not template (banner, main, contentinfo, search, navigation) – are landmarks necessary if we already have (hidden) headlines and skip links?
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