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Template style.ini

The style.ini is an ini file in each template's directory1) configuring the generation of CSS styles. It has two sections: [stylesheets] and [replacements] described below. With the Styling Plugin wiki admins could preview and change the replacement values via the admin interface, before it is stored in this file.


This part defines which CSS files are loaded. Each line is defined as follow:

cssfile.css = mode

cssfile.css is your file name and mode is one of the supported output modes as described at mode.

The stylesheet can also be a .less file. (See LESS).


DokuWiki's CSS dispatcher is able to replace placeholders in the loaded stylesheets which are configured through the [replacements] section in the templates style.ini. This is especially useful for defining a color scheme once and reuse these colors in all files.

These replacements can also be used as LESS variables.

The Styling Plugin let users preview and change the appearance of any template based on the defined replacements. See the Styling Plugin for details.

Guaranteed color placeholders

The following placeholders are the only ones that are safe to be used by plugins. All templates have to implement these at least, but are free to add more.

placeholder variable meaning
__background__ main background color
__background_alt__ alternative background color (also used for the theme color in the manifest)
__background_neu__ neutral background color
__border__ border color
__text__ main text color
__text_alt__ alternative text color
__text_neu__ neutral text color
__highlight__ highlighted text color (new since Adora Belle)
__link__ the general link color (new since Greebo)

Template authors should generally try to reuse the placeholder names of the default template.


See for example the style.ini of the Starter template for an overview of the file. If your are a wiki admin who like to modify the style, please use a local style.ini.

Local style.ini

Local changes can be stored in a local style.ini at the location conf/tpl/<tpl>/style.ini. (Where <tpl> needs to be substituted with the name of the template folder. Just create it if it doesn't exist.)

This prevents losing those changes after an upgrade. The file still needs to include each section (i.e. [stylesheets] or [replacements]) and paths are relative to the added ini file.

If you use the Styling Plugin you can preview and change the replacement values via the admin interface, before it is stored in this file.


extra.css  = all
__text__        = "#000"
__site_width__  = "100%"
if the template supports it
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