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 +====== Memory Footprint Reduction ======
 +These are some notes I made on reducing DokuWiki's memory footprint while investigating issues described in the mailing list, "[[|memory size error]] and on the forum, [[|Large pages not parsed]]
 +I'm making them here to keep a record.  At this time none of these are being worked on, so feel free to take a look come up with an improvement
 +  * Don't load replacement utf-8 functions if not required.
 +  * Investigate why loading of cached instructions boosts memory usage so much.  In a "?purge=1" scenario, the instructions have already been created and freed, yet loading them from cache for xhtml parsing increases memory usage far above the figure during their previous use (metadata parsing).
 +  * Investigate streaming instructions rather than holding the whole lot in memory
 + --- //[[|Christopher Smith]] 2008/04/19 12:24//
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