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Progressive Web App Manifest

DokuWiki sends out a manifest.json, which allows mobile users to add the wiki as a web app to their homescreen.

This manifest.json can be customized in multiple ways:

  1. it can be deactivated by adding manifest to the “disableactions” config option
  2. it can be overwritten by values set in a manifest.local.json in the conf directory which will be loaded according to the config cascade
  3. it uses several configurable parameters, if they are not overwritten by the point above: config:title, config:tagline, the __background__ and __theme_color__ or __background_alt__ replacements
  4. if no icons are defined in a manifest.local.json, it looks for some svg logos and uses the first it finds: :wiki:logo.svg, :logo.svg or :wiki:dokuwiki.svg

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