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Line 45: Line 45:
 $mail->to('Some Guy <>'); $mail->to('Some Guy <>');
 $mail->subject('A test mail'); $mail->subject('A test mail');
-$mail->setBody($text, null, $trep, $hrep);+$mail->setBody($text, $trep, $hrep);
 $mail->send(); $mail->send();
 </code> </code>
-==== setBody() parameters changed? ==== 
-According to [[xref>setBody]] documentation, the order of the parameters has changed to 
-<code php> 
-function setBody($text, $textrep = null, $htmlrep = null, $html = null, $wrap = true) 
-So, in the above example the call of setBody should be 
-<code php> 
-$mail->setBody($text, $trep, $hrep); 
- --- [[user>Dralli72|Dralli72]] //2018-03-03 01:01// 
 ===== Checking for valid E-Mail ===== ===== Checking for valid E-Mail =====
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