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Logo Proposal by CGalo

Status: Draft
Author: Christian Galo

The goal of this proposal is to offer a “refresh” of the logo with a more “modern” and “simpler” appearance which can be easily used in different contexts. Longtime DokuWiki users should still be able to recognize the logo as the new DokuWiki logo.

Keywords often associated with DokuWiki are: collaboration, easy, simple, editing, flexibility.

The current logo represents DokuWiki; DokuWiki is a Free and Open Source, web-based software for collaborative knowledge management. The main activity consists of creating and editing documents (pages) and linking them, thus creating structure.

The current Logo (pictured on the right) was created in 2005 by Esther Brunner with the following elements:

  • It depicts multiple sheets of paper representing the different pages inside a wiki.
  • Two different colored pens symbolize the multiple users editing pages.
  • Arrows in corresponding colors represent the linking feature of a wiki.
  • The pen colors were chosen based on the colors which represent existing (green) and non-existing (red) pages.
  • The letters “DW” stand for “DokuWiki” and are surrounded by double square brackets - the syntax used to create links in DokuWiki's editor.

Over the years the current logo has become a recognizable brand among Wiki users.


- Elements here


- Concepts here

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