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 {{:​devel:​ideas:​spacious-nobackgrounds-notboxed-sidebarleft-defaultcolor-desktop.png?​direct&​150 ​ }} {{:​devel:​ideas:​spacious-nobackgrounds-notboxed-sidebarleft-defaultcolor-desktop.png?​direct&​150 ​ }}
-News media does not have my permission to stalk follow write about a situation only coming from lies not entire truth of cheating lying from all sides using churches n social media to spread hate harassment n gang +
 {{:​devel:​ideas:​spacious-nobackgrounds-notboxed-sidebarleft-defaultcolor-mobile.png?​direct&​150 |}} {{:​devel:​ideas:​spacious-nobackgrounds-notboxed-sidebarleft-defaultcolor-mobile.png?​direct&​150 |}}
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