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Automated Release Builder

Our current process takes lot's of manual steps: Release process

Ideally we'd have a access protected script that does a release based on the current master branch:

  • Ask for
    • RC/Non-RC
    • Release Name
  • do a clean checkout of the master branch
  • run unit tests
  • update message ID and deleted files list and commit/push that1)
  • merge stable into old-stable2), use strategy -Xtheirs
  • merge master into stable, use strategy -Xtheirs
  • update version file, commit & push
  • build tgz
  • move .tgz to
    • update symlink setup there!?
  • update infos
  • Use APIs to announce release?
    • freshmeat?
    • IRC channel?
Alternatively check that this has been done before
FIXME how to check if this has been done already for a previous release candidate
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