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This has been implemented as move plugin with a different approach, instead of using the instructions the handler is used directly, i.e. the plugin captures the parsed page content before instructions are generated in order to get the original page source.

One missing feature is an easy way to rename or copy, one or more wiki pages while having history, links and metadata preserved.

Finish (chimeric has withdrawn from software development) - you can find the ideas at and

The main structure is implemented, but the actual moving still isn't implemented. The reverse renderer for turning instructions back into syntax seems to work, but it seems to mess up whitespace a bit which might also be related to recent renderer changes. Perhaps also the instructions DokuWiki generates need to be changed to include the (full) original text in order to make the reverse rendering easier.

A way for plugins to move their data and to change their syntax is still missing, too.


You definitely need to know PHP. This requires deep knowledge of DokuWiki parser internals so you should either be willing to dig into the code or be already familiar with DokuWiki. Being a somehow experienced programmer is probably helpful, too.


Hard - you can expect a lot of problems and difficulties. If you want to take a real challenge this is the task for you.


The following people volunteered to “mentor” any new developers taking up this task by answering questions, giving tips and reviewing code:

Other resources

  • Thread about issues Dmitry Katsubo has with Cyrillic in page names with previous pagemove plugin.
  • editx plugin – able to rename a page but not links to that page
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