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Mobile Client

Implement an Android or iPhone client for DokuWiki that allows offline browsing and also editing a remote Wiki (e.g. using XML-RPC). Perhaps using a tool that allows to create apps for multiple mobile platforms (like Titanium or PhoneGap) might work, too.

The application shouldn't render DokuWiki pages itself, perhaps it can do some basics for offline editing, but basically it should use already rendered pages it gets using XML-RPC.

The application should be able to upload typical mobile phone files like photos, videos and voice files to the Wiki's media repository.

An initial discussion on this as a GSoC project has been started at this Mailing List Thread

Work in progress

  • Someone is working on a mobile frontend for android at the moment. You can find the project on Github. (Unfortunately I don't have enough spare time anymore to continue with that project. Everyone interested in taking it over, can just write me a GitHub message, I will be glad to add him to the project.)
  • An app called WikiEdit is available on Google Play. It is capable of off-line editing of DokuWiki (and MediaWiki) pages. You have to manually copy the .txt files from your DokuWiki installation (/data/pages folder) to your phone/tablet. If you want, you can also set up automatic synchronization of these files, possibly using FolderSync Lite.
  • DokuwikiAndroid is currently being developed, and as of September 2019, is in alpha. The app's description says, “The goal of DokuwikiAndroid is to access your dokuwiki server, and keep in sync a local version of your wiki. You can then easily access your data, even if no network is available.” The developer has also posted a link to its GitHub repository.

Suggested Startingpoints

  • Familiarize yourself with the chosen devel environment
  • Look into DokuWiki's XML-RPC interface
  • The Synchronization Plugin might be a good starting point on how to manage synchronization for offline use
  • Write a simple one-button app that fetches the DokuWiki version via XML-RPC


  • depending on the used technology:
    • HTML/CSS/JavaScript for Titanium Cross-Platform (preferred)
    • Object C + XCode environment for iPhone
    • Java + Eclipse environment for Android


The following people volunteered to “mentor” any new developers taking up this task by answering questions, giving tips and reviewing code:

  • Andreas Gohr – I can mentor about the backend and HTML/JavaScript, but don't have much experience with native phone developement
  • bug – I can co-mentor on that and have some knowledge and practice of iOS dev.
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