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Media Revisions

  • keep revisions for media uploads. Simply moving old files to a media attic directory and compressing files where it makes sense should be enough (like it is done for pages).
  • Interface needs to be completely revised - using what we currently have for pages with renamed buttons is one idea
  • Media file meta data. This is not exactly about revisions, but storing metadata should be part of a revised interface.
  • It should be avoided duplicating all functions that currently exist for pages
  • How to do diffs for various file formats?
    • image diffs as done by imagemagick? or just side by side view?

GSoC 2011

This is a GSoC 2011 Project by Kate Arzamastseva - splitbrain is “mentoring” by answering questions, giving tips and reviewing code:

Progress and ToDos are tracked at the logbook.

Ideas about interface

  • to have a special full-screen page where the list of all uploaded media files will be displayed.
  • to have a detailed page for every file with full information, revisions and ability to change meta data.
  • to have a page of viewing differences between two revisions of media files.
  • to make changes in 'Recent changes' and 'Old revisions' pages.


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