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Improved Administration


DokuWiki's administration section is clunky and the user interface hasn't been updated to take advantage of features available in the standard template. There is poor separation between system administration and content administration. Some content based DokuWiki features are not directly editable from with the wiki, i.e. they require system administration skills/access to setup or change.

Specific areas that could be targets for improvement

  • generally improved admin user interface.
  • clearly identify and separate “content” based features/settings and system administration based features/settings.
  • mechanism to allow namespace templates to be edited within the wiki (by “managers”/by acl?)
  • an admin sidebar when in the admin section
  • modified toolbar for the admin section
  • update confmanager plugin
    • improved interface
    • upload images for use in text-image replacements (smileys).
    • usable by wiki editors (“managers”)
    • ability to remove standard dokuwiki acronyms/smileys/entities without editing dokuwiki release files
  • automated glossary page for the wikis abbreviations/acronyms, editable by managers/acl.
  • admin “wizard” to assist non-expert admins in setting up their wiki - make non-expert admins aware of some useful features/plugins and why they may or may not wish to enable/install them.


  • user interface design
  • knowledge of PHP.
  • knowledge of DokuWiki admin & action plugins
  • knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript


  • medium.


The following people volunteered to “mentor” any new developers taking up this task by answering questions, giving tips and reviewing code:

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