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Context dependent action buttons

2419 suggests hiding irrelevant action button/links, for example in the admin screen to enhance usability.

This is a list of possible context and suggested page actions

Actions with strong relation to the current wiki page:

  • edit / source
  • show
  • revisions
  • subscribe
  • backlink
  • [admin?] access control
  • [manager?] revert
  • potentially plugin supplied buttons, e.g. publish plugin & approve.

Actions with a strong correlation to the current admin page:

  • show (go back to the underlying wiki page)
  • admin (show the admin menu)
  • save changes (on pages where saving is required)
  • potentially plugin supplied buttons

Actions without or without a strong relation to the current page:

  • login/logout (when acl is enabled)
  • register
  • resendpwd
  • profile
  • admin
  • recent
  • index
  • media
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