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Development Ideas

Here are a few ideas (with some concepting) that could be picked up and implemented by (new) DokuWiki developers. These should also be considered as projects for Google's Summer of Code

Work in Progress

The following ideas are already worked on but could probably use some help.

Further Ideas

The following ideas are just some keywords. They might be difficult to understand if you are new DokuWiki even though most of them are not really difficult. If you are interested in any of these feel free to contact the mailinglist or michitux for additional hints and mentoring, this makes also sure that nobody else you aren't aware of has already started working on them.

  • Implement a cleanup routine for the search index - currently, deleted pages are simply kept in the page list. It would be nice to delete them and reuse the slots in the list in a cleanup task in the indexer script that is called with every page.
  • There is currently no RSS feed that lists changes of a single page. Implement one and don't forget to link it in the head of every page.
  • Our current meta data storage is good for being read at once, but for reading single properties the whole file needs to be parsed. There is a bug report about this, an idea would be to experiment with a very simple key-value file format that allows to find keys and their values without parsing the whole file
  • Improved administration interface, including separation of author related administration from system related administration. Author related administration are things like the wiki's abbreviations, text-image replacement, text-glyph replacement, namespace templates.


The following ideas have been picked up and implemented in the past.

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