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Why you should come to a DokuWiki hackfest

First of all from the last hackfests we can tell that a hackfest is a great experience. It's just great to meet, talk with and work together with the people you normally only work together online, or if you didn't know them before it's still great to learn what they are doing, regardless if they are developers, users or just interested.

Even if you don't know how to program and are just a user – you won't be the first who attends a DokuWiki hackfest, have a look at this review of the hackfest in 2012 in London from the perspective of a user.

If you want to get involved into DokuWiki, the hackfest is a great opportunity to get started.

Of course the hackfest is also a great opportunity to get help and feedback. How could this part of my wiki (or be structured, how could I implement a certain thing in DokuWiki/a plugin or what could I improve in my plugin?

Usually we are also discussing larger changes in DokuWiki at a hackfest so if you want to influence the future of DokuWiki – this is your possibility!

If you think there is something missing, feel free to add it, this is a wiki and also the hackfest is ultimately what each participant makes out of it. Apart from some basic conditions there are no fixed structures.

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