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Hackfest 2015


Organizational Stuff

  • :!: Dalibo are missing a mouse - if anyone picked it up accidentally please let us know


Things we did


  • Quo vadis DokuWiki? What's our future strategy?
    • We went through the presentation and cried a little ;-)
      • we will talk about it again on sunday
      • we want more repository collaborators
        • decide on rules
        • communicate the rules
        • idea: after a somewhat reasonable sized, good PR gets merged also give write access
  • Modularizing DokuWiki core using composer → composer branch
  • Switching the LESS parser based on the composer branch
  • Have better page titles 1151
  • started to fix the remaining issues in the move plugin + new release (Michael Hamann)


  • could not merge LESS for licensing issues
  • Fixed various PHP7 issues, tests complete now
  • local storage draft function is more complicated than though
  • For wrap plugin, fixed problems caused by wiki syntax inadvertently in headings (e.g. abbreviations)
  • Fixed the non-recognised languages being allowed by the translation tool
  • Successfully checked all tools on the server for upgradeability to php 5.6
  • Finished the Move Plugin
  • Minor updates of Dokufreak plugins

Things to work on

Motivate yourself and the other devs by adding themes here, that you'd love to work on during the Hackfest:


  • Promote
  • Style.ini - use less?
  • New renderer, reversible (html → wiki markup) output
  • Collaborative editing? (see also multiuser_edit, merge)
  • clean up the old bugtracker
  • discuss our tools


  • Storing properties per user. (Klap-in)
    (Examples: preferred language 2872, or Zotero: Configure your own account).
  • look at Andi's form2 branch
  • Local storage of draft changes (validation of server save against local copy)



  • make style.ini value editable from the admin section
  • improve accessibility of titles for links and images and alt for images (create a plugin if necessary, but core would be better)
  • fancy web developer stuff? (willemelis : stuff I can help)
    • grunt for automated generation
      • lint of js/css/(php)
      • LESS-Compiler
      • minify css/js
      • modularisation
      • testing
      • a lot more possible
    • improvements:


  • Work on the plugins in the dokufreaks organization (Michael Hamann)
  • CodeSniffer for Plugin-Compatibility checks?
  • Sending anonymous data: let plugins add their own ad hoc usage data as well? (will need to discuss how this feature would be acceptable wrt security) gturri
  • make farm infrastructure more easyilb for DAUs (willemelis : I dont know if its possible)
    • sharing folders between animals (by making symlinks)
    • sharing user
    • set up new animal (incl. domain) without bash
  • extend ouath-plugin to more platforms like/using e.g. hello.js (willemelis)
  • Tutorial on auto-updating syntax for Plugins


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