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Event Reference List

The following is a list of all events implemented by the DokuWiki's event system for the use with action plugins. To be able to choose the correct event a look at the walk through the source code during a request for /doku.php?id=start&do=show to explain the basics of DokuWiki.

When writing a new plugin, be sure to check when a event was added. Some might be only available in a recent development version of DokuWiki.

Event NameDescription PreventableAddedRemoved
FORM_SEARCH_OUTPUTAdjust the form on the search pageNo2018-04-05
FORM_QUICKSEARCH_OUTPUTAdjust the quick search formNo2018-04-05
SEARCH_RESULT_PAGELOOKUPAdjust how pagename match is displayed after searchNo2018-04-05
SEARCH_RESULT_FULLPAGEAdjust how a fullpage search result is displayedNo2018-04-05
MANIFEST_SENDChange the PWA manifest sent to the clientNo2018-04-05
DOKUWIKI_DONErun some code after DokuWiki finished all its processingno2006-04-25
DOKUWIKI_STARTEDDokuWiki prepares to do its workno2006-04-25
HTML_CONFLICTFORM_OUTPUTmodify the conflict handling HTMLno2007-07-302020-10-13
HTML_DRAFTFORM_OUTPUTmodify the draft recovery HTMLno2007-07-302018-07-29
HTML_EDITFORM_OUTPUTmodify the edit form HTMLno2007-07-302020-10-13
HTML_LOGINFORM_OUTPUTmodify the login form HTMLno2007-07-302020-10-13
HTML_REGISTERFORM_OUTPUTmodify the register form HTMLno2007-07-302020-10-13
HTML_RESENDPWDFORM_OUTPUTmodify the resend password HTMLno2007-07-302020-10-13
HTML_UPDATEPROFILEFORM_OUTPUTmodify the update profile HTMLno2007-07-302020-10-13
IO_NAMESPACE_DELETEDcatch namespace deletionsno2006-07-05
IO_WIKIPAGE_READintercept reading the raw wiki text datano2006-07-05
IO_WIKIPAGE_WRITEintercept page writesno2006-07-05
PARSER_HANDLER_DONEfinalize instruction datano2006-05-22
PARSER_WIKITEXT_PREPROCESSmanipulate raw wiki textno2006-07-24
RENDERER_CONTENT_POSTPROCESSPostprocess renderer outputno2006-07-24
TPL_TOC_RENDERPre-/postprocess the TOCno2008-08-30
ACTION_EXPORT_POSTPROCESSpostprocess the output of a page requested for exportno2008-08-28
HTML_RECENTFORM_OUTPUTmodify the recent changes HTMLno2008-10-122020-10-13
HTML_REVISIONSFORM_OUTPUTmodify the old revisions HTMLno2008-10-122020-10-13
HTML_UPLOADFORM_OUTPUTmodify the uploadform HTMLno2008-10-292020-10-13
MEDIAMANAGER_STARTEDThe media manager prepares to do its workno2008-12-10
PLUGIN_CONFIG_PLUGINLISTAllow modification of the plugin list used by the config pluginno2009-01-19
HTML_SUBSCRIBEFORM_OUTPUTmodify the subscribe form HTMLno2010-01-202020-10-13
FEED_OPTS_POSTPROCESSCan modify the parameters for the feed creationno2009-11-10
INDEXER_VERSION_GETConstruct the version number of the indexerno2011-03-06
RPC_CALL_ADDMap custom RPC call to existing one.no2012-03-232024-01-12
IO_NAMESPACE_CREATEDcatch namespace creationsno2006-07-05
DETAIL_STARTEDThe image detail page prepares to do its workno2012-09-10
PLUGIN_POPULARITY_DATA_SETUPTriggered by the popularity plugin to let plugins add their own popularity datano2015-05-27
JS_SCRIPT_LISTmanipulate the list of JavaScripts that will be concatenatedno2017-02-14
TASK_RECENTCHANGES_TRIMModify the list of recent changesno2018-05-17
HTML_PROFILEDELETEFORM_OUTPUTmodify the delete profile HTMLno2013-07-312020-10-13
FORM_EDIT_OUTPUTmodify the edit form objectno2020-10-13
FORM_LOGIN_OUTPUTmodify the login form objectno2020-10-13
FORM_CONFLICT_OUTPUTmodify the conflict handling form objectno2020-10-13
FORM_DRAFT_OUTPUTmodify the draft recovery form objectno2020-10-13
FORM_RECENT_OUTPUTmodify the recent changes form objectno2020-10-13
FORM_REVISIONS_OUTPUTmodify the old revisions form objectno2020-10-13
FORM_UPDATEPROFILE_OUTPUTmodify the update profile form objectno2020-10-13
FORM_PROFILEDELETE_OUTPUTmodify the delete profile form objectno2020-10-13
FORM_REGISTER_OUTPUTmodify the register form objectno2020-10-13
FORM_RESENDPWD_OUTPUTmodify the resend password form objectno2020-10-13
FORM_SUBSCRIBE_OUTPUTmodify the subscribe form objectno2020-10-13
FORM_UPLOAD_OUTPUTmodify the upload form objectno2020-10-13
FORM_SEARCHMEDIA_OUTPUTmodify the search media form objectno2020-10-13
DOKUWIKI_INIT_DONEFired when the DokuWiki environment has been initializedno2022-04-28
ACTION_ACT_PREPROCESSHandling ?do= actionsyes2006-04-25
ACTION_HEADERS_SENDmodify the HTTP headers sent by Dokuwikiyes2006-04-25
AJAX_CALL_UNKNOWNHandle AJAX callsyes2006-08-09
AUTH_USER_CHANGEIntercept user data modifications before they are sent to the auth backendyes2008-08-17
FEED_ITEM_ADDManipulate RSS feed itemsyes2007-07-18
HTML_PAGE_FROMTEMPLATEreplace namespace templates functionalityyes2006-09-162010-03-10
TPL_METAHEADER_OUTPUTManipulate meta headersyes2006-09-16
TPL_CONTENT_DISPLAYPost process the XHTML outputyes2006-04-25
MEDIA_UPLOAD_FINISHexecute an action on file uploadsyes2007-09-09
MEDIA_SENDFILEmanipulate media file downloads from the wikiyes2008-06-23
TPL_ACT_UNKNOWNOutput XHTML in the main DokuWiki windowyes2006-04-25
TPL_ACT_RENDEROutput XHTML before and/or after a pageyes2006-04-25
INDEXER_TASKS_RUNrun custom "Cron jobs"yes2008-02-26
TOOLBAR_DEFINEAdd buttons to the toolbaryes2007-02-27
MAIL_MESSAGE_SENDmanage mail sending from DokuWikiyes2007-09-30
SEARCH_QUERY_PAGELOOKUPFilter/reorder search resultsyes2008-08-11
PARSER_CACHE_USEmanipulate the cache validityyes2006-09-16
SEARCH_QUERY_FULLPAGEFilter/reorder search resultsyes2008-08-11
PARSER_METADATA_RENDERmanipulate metadatayes2006-11-26
MEDIA_DELETE_FILEIntercept file deletionyes2008-10-01
XMLRPC_CALLBACK_REGISTERAdd XML-RPC callbacksyes2008-08-242012-03-23
COMMON_WORDBLOCK_BLOCKEDIntercept wordblockyes2008-10-12
ACTION_SHOW_REDIRECTintercept redirects after postsyes2008-10-26
INDEXER_PAGE_ADDmanipulate the full text indexing processyes2007-02-27
AUTH_LOGIN_CHECKintercept requests before authenticationyes2009-03-13
HTTPCLIENT_REQUEST_SENDrewrite outgoing HTTP(s) requestsyes2009-03-13
MEDIAMANAGER_CONTENT_OUTPUTWraps the output of the (right) content pane in the Media Manageryes2009-08-30
FULLTEXT_SNIPPET_CREATESearch result snippet creationyes2009-10-26
FETCH_MEDIA_STATUShandles status codes when downloading a media resourceyes2010-02-23
COMMON_PAGE_FROMTEMPLATEenhance or replace namespace templatesyes2010-03-102011-02-03
HTML_EDIT_FORMSELECTIONadd elements to edit forms for editing the given wikitextyes2010-01-19
ACTION_HANDLE_SUBSCRIBEhandle, process & generate data for a subscribe requestyes2010-01-20
COMMON_NOTIFY_ADDRESSLISTManipulate the address list for a subscription mail notification after an edityes2010-01-20
TPL_IMG_DISPLAYThe image output on an image detail pageyes2010-06-26
SITEMAP_GENERATEGenerate a sitemap XML file from sitemap itemsyes2010-11-12
SITEMAP_PINGPing search engines with the sitemap URLyes2010-11-12
HTML_SECEDIT_BUTTONprepares section edit button data for event triggering used as a callback in html_secedityes2010-11-07
COMMON_PAGETPL_LOADenhance or replace namespace templatesyes2011-02-03
FEED_MODE_UNKNOWNAn unknown feed mode was requestedyes2009-11-10
INDEXER_TEXT_PREPAREPage tokenizing (aka. splitting the text into separate words)yes2011-03-19
FEED_DATA_PROCESSProcess the feed data into feed itemsyes2009-11-10
JS_CACHE_USEmanipulate the JavaScript cacheyes2012-03-10
INIT_LANG_LOADmanipulate the loading of the main language filesyes2012-03-10
PAGEUTILS_ID_HIDEPAGEchecks if a page is hiddenyes2012-11-05
AUTH_PASSWORD_GENERATEModify how new user passwords are generatedyes2013-06-16
TEMPLATE_PAGETOOLS_DISPLAYLets the pagetools in supported templates be modified.yes2013-11-182017-09-01
TEMPLATE_SITETOOLS_DISPLAYLets the sitetools in supported templates be modified.yes2013-11-182017-09-01
TEMPLATE_USERTOOLS_DISPLAYLets the usertools in supported templates be modified.yes2013-11-182017-09-01
AUTH_ACL_CHECKWraps around checking the ACLs for a user on a given page, a media or namespaceyes2014-01-19
COMMON_USER_LINKLets modify/replace the user interwiki linkyes2014-03-16
HTML_SHOWREV_OUTPUTmodify the showrev warning HTMLyes2015-02-19
TPL_ACTION_GETAdd or modify action link propertiesyes2015-08-052017-09-01
COMMON_WIKIPAGE_SAVEIntercept or modify saving of a wiki pageyes2016-02-24
CONFUTIL_CDN_SELECTPick the URLs to load scripts from depending on the jquerycdn settingyes2017-02-03
CSS_STYLES_INCLUDEDmodify or prevent the list of included CSS filesyes2017-08-01
CSS_CACHE_USEmanipulate the CSS cacheyes2017-08-01
MENU_ITEMS_ASSEMBLYHandle the items in the various menus provided by templatesyes2017-09-01
ADMINPLUGIN_ACCESS_CHECKAllows to intercept and change the access to admin pluginsyes2018-12-10
INFO_DEPRECATION_LOGLog a call to a deprecated method, function or propertyyes2018-06-05
INFOUTIL_MSG_SHOWcatch calls to msg() to record the message or modify outputyes2020-06-01
MEDIA_RESIZEhandles media resizing or croppingyes2020-06-30
DRAFT_SAVEModify draft savingyes2018-07-29
EDIT_FORM_ADDTEXTAREAadd elements to edit forms for editing the given wikitextyes2020-10-13
ACTION_DENIED_TPLCONTENTSuppress login form when access is deniedyes2022-01-10
PARSER_LOCALE_XHTMLModify localized textyes2022-01-10
LOGGER_DATA_FORMATIntercept or modify loggingyes2022-01-22
IMAGEMOD_CACHE_USEmanipulate the image cacheyes2022-02-04
FULLTEXT_PHRASE_MATCHAllow phrase matching with content from pluginsyes2014-03-02

Naming Structure

Event names follow a standard structure:

  • <location> — short name or hint which identifies the part of DokuWiki which generates the event.
  • <event_data> — short name or hint which identifies the data being passed by the event
  • <action_or_state> — if the event has a default action, this will indicate what that action is; if there is no default action, this will indicate the state or other reason for firing the event.


    • the event is triggered in the parser scripts,
    • the handler object is the event data,
    • there is no action; the state of parser, in its handler step, is done, i.e., the handler has completed its processing.
    • the event is triggered in actions.php,
    • the event data is an array of headers,
    • the default action is to send the headers.

See also

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