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Add or modify action link properties
Return properties of core action link or the notice that action is unknown

This event is signalled by tpl_get_action() in inc/template.php when properties of core actions are collected just before the properties are returned to functions tpl_button() or tpl_actionlink() that generate the html of a button or action link respectively with these properties. The handlers can use it to allow custom actions and to modify the properties of the action link.

Note: this event was removed from the DokuWiki Template at 2017-09-01 and replaced by MENU_ITEMS_ASSEMBLY. Other templates may still use this event.

Passed Data

The passed Doku_Event object has the field $data.

The $data field is an array with the entries:

  • $data['accesskey'] – Character used for accesskeys
  • $data['type'] – Action name e.g. edit, recent, login, etc
  • $data['id'] – Page id (often current)
  • $data['method'] – HTTP method: 'get' or 'post'
  • $data['params'] – Associated array of url parameters
  • $data['nofollow'] – Whether to set the rel='nofollow' attribute
  • $data['replacement'] – Replacement for %s placeholder in the caption

For handling of these properties see tpl_button() or tpl_actionlink().

Use preventDefault() to skip DokuWiki's default notice about unknown action. If the default properties are fine for a custom action, calling preventDefault() is enough to create your own link. But you could also modify the properties to your needs by changing the entries of the $data array.


An use case is in combination with the pagetools/usertools/sitetools event.

// must be run within Dokuwiki
if(!defined('DOKU_INC')) die();
 * Add link to sitetool
class action_plugin_example extends DokuWiki_Action_Plugin {
     * Register its handlers with the DokuWiki's event controller
     * @param Doku_Event_Handler $controller
    public function register(Doku_Event_Handler $controller) {
        $controller->register_hook('TEMPLATE_SITETOOLS_DISPLAY', 'BEFORE', $this, 'add_menu_item');
        $controller->register_hook('TPL_ACTION_GET', 'BEFORE', $this, 'define_action');
     * Add an item to sitetools
     * Can use `tpl_action()` because dokuwiki accepts 'youraction' by the define_action() handler below.
     * @param Doku_Event $event
     * @param $param
    public function add_menu_item(Doku_Event $event, $param) {
        global $lang;
        $lang['btn_youraction'] = $this->getLang('youraction');
        $event->data['items']['youraction'] = tpl_action('youraction', true, 'li', true);
     * Accepts the 'youraction' action, while using the default action link properties.
     * Entries of $event->data can be modified eventually.
     * @param Doku_Event $event
     * @param $param
    public function define_action(Doku_Event $event, $param) {
        if ($event->data['type'] != 'youraction') {

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