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 +====== INFO_DEPRECATION_LOG ======
 +---- dataentry event ----
 +Description:    Log a call to a deprecated method, function or property
 +DefaultAction:  Log a warning to the debug log
 +Preventable:    yes
 +Added_dt:       2018-06-05
 +This event is signalled by [[xref>dbg_deprecated()]] in [[xref>inc/infoutils.php]] when this method is called(usually in a deprecated method), handlers can use it to log that error, for example in an external error monitoring tool.
 +===== Passed Data =====
 +The following data is available
 +  * **backtrace**: A backtrace created by [[xref>debug_backtrace()]], adjusted to remove the debug functions themselves
 +  * ''alternative'': (optional) A developer-provided string describing what should be used instead
 +  * ''called'': a string describing what is deprecated
 +  * ''callerll: a string describing where the deprecated thing was called
 +  * ''file'': a string describing in which file the deprecated thing was called
 +  * ''line'': the line number where the deprecated thing was called
 +===== See also =====
 +  * [[codesearch>INFO_DEPRECATION_LOG|Code related to this event]] used in any DokuWiki files, plugins and templates
 +  * [[devel:Action Plugins]]
 +  * [[devel:Events]]
 +  * The [[plugin:sentry|Sentry]] plugin uses this event
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