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   * $data['date_at']: reference to the $DATE_AT global variable   * $data['date_at']: reference to the $DATE_AT global variable
-The BEFORE event let you prevent the default behavior and replace it with your own.+The BEFORE event let you prevent the default behaviour and replace it with your own.
-===== Plugins handling this event ===== 
-The following plugins are known to handle this event and their source code may be a good start for understanding and implementing a handler yourself. 
-  * [[plugin:approve]] 
 ===== See also ===== ===== See also =====
-  * [[codesearch>HTML_SHOWREV_OUTPUT|Code related to this event]]+  * [[codesearch>HTML_SHOWREV_OUTPUT|Code related to this event]] used in any DokuWiki's files, plugins and templates
   * [[devel:Action Plugins]]   * [[devel:Action Plugins]]
   * [[devel:Events]]   * [[devel:Events]]
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