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 DefaultAction:  display the edit form HTML DefaultAction:  display the edit form HTML
 Preventable:    no Preventable:    no
-Added_dt:       TBD+Added_dt:       2020-10-13
 ---- ----
-This event is signalled by [[xref>Form\Form::toHTML()]] [[xref>inc/Form/Form.php]] when called via [[xref>inc/Ui/Editor::show()]]. Use this to inject additional form objects((see [[xref>inc/Form/Form.php]])) into the form.+This event is signalled by **dokuwiki\Form\Form::toHTML()**((see [[xref>inc/Form/Form.php]])) method when called via **dokuwiki\Ui\Editor::show()**((see [[xref>inc/Ui/Editor.php]])). Use this to inject additional form elements into the form.
 ===== Passed Data ===== ===== Passed Data =====
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   * [[devel:Action Plugins]]   * [[devel:Action Plugins]]
   * [[devel:Events]]   * [[devel:Events]]
 +  * [[devel:Form]]
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