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DokuWiki prepares to do its work

The event is signalled after Dokuwiki has completed its initialization phase and before it closes the session in doku.php. Most Dokuwiki globals will have been created and populated, the global $_SESSION var will still be in existence.

This is only true for the main DokuWiki template, i.e. whatever comes through doku.php. The mediamanager popup uses MEDIAMANAGER_STARTED instead (comes through lib/exe/mediamanager.php) and the image detail page uses DETAIL_STARTED.

The DOKUWIKI_INIT_DONE event provides an alternative that will fire for all entry points that use the DokuWiki environment.

If you need an even earlier event, check out INIT_LANG_LOAD, but note that not the whole environment is setup there. You could also check out AUTH_LOGIN_CHECK, but again, the whole environment is NOT setup there.

Note: Even after $_SESSION has been closed a plugin can reopen the session to access session data - as long as headers have not already been sent. For an example of this refer to lib/plugins/config/admin.php.

Passed Data

No data is passed.

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