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Wraps around checking the ACLs for a user on a given page, a media or namespace
The standard DokuWiki ACL checking mechanism

This event is signalled by auth_aclcheck() in inc/auth.php when the ACLs for a page, a media or namespace are checked, handlers can use it to modify the result in the AFTER action or implement their own ACL checking in the BEFORE action.

There is no way to know what is checked (in this event) because the ACL system doesn't care. ACLs apply to media and pages. (Ref)

Passed Data

The passed Doku_Event object has the fields: $data and $result.

The following data is available in the $event->data array:

   id => string,                        // the page or namespace that is checked
   user => string,                      // the user the ACLs apply to
   groups => array(string, string, ...) // the groups above user is member of

BEFORE handlers should return one of the AUTH_* constants and prevent the default action auth_aclcheck_cb(). AFTER handlers can check the default action's result in the $event->result field and modify it there.

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