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Directory Layout

  • dokuwiki – DokuWiki root directory - maybe you named it differently
    • .gitgit metadata, you have this only if you're using a git checkout
    • .github – configures workflows and other things for github
    • _test – contains the Unit Test Suite, configurations for coding style, rector
    • bin – Collection of command line tools
    • confConfiguration data is stored here
      • users.auth.php – user data is stored here including group membership and passwords
      • local.php – Configuration settings
      • local.protected.php – Configuration settings made in this file cannot then be changed in the web interface
      • plugins*.php – values in these files determine whether plugins are enabled or not
      • acronyms.php – Where these appear in your text a mouse over will be displayed with the corresponding description
    • data – All data that is written by DokuWiki is stored here (see savedir), the changelog is placed here, too
      • atticold page revisions are stored here, it contains namespace directories
      • cache – DokuWiki creates cachefiles to speed things up - cachefiles have md5 filenames and are stored inside 16 directories here, sorted by their first letter (0-f)
      • index – Stores lookup tables for the fulltext search index
      • locks – This directory is used to create temporary locks (not pagelocks)
      • log – Stores the logging
      • media – Here are all image files stored, it contains namespace directories
      • media_attic– old revisions of media files
      • media_meta – meta data for media files
      • meta – Stores meta data for pages, it contains namespace directories
      • pages – Here are the raw pages stored, it contains namespace directories
      • tmp – Used to store temporary files via XML-RPC, etc.
    • inc – Contains PHP libs – the core of DokuWiki
      • lang – DokuWiki's language files used for localization
      • parser – DokuWiki's parser system
    • lib – Files that get called externally (from your browser)
    • vendor – files managed by composer
Custom style files see /conf folder, template-specific ones see template folder(s).
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