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DokuWiki Core Developers

DokuWiki core developers are developers with write access to the DokuWiki repository. You don't need to be a core developer to contribute to DokuWiki though. Patches and Pull Requests by other developers are merged by the core devs.

How to become a Core Developer

You should have joined the main Mailing List and have committed successful non-trivial pull requests before.


  • how do we pick new devs? should they apply? do we nominate? do we vote?

How to be a Core Developer

Your main responsibilities as a core developer are:

  • review and comment Pull Requests at Github
  • tag (categorize) Issues and Pull Requests at Github
  • merge Pull Requests

Core developers are expected to use their powers responsible and careful. You can merge small PRs (like typos, one-line fixes, translations) right away.

Other PRs should be reviewed by at least two core developers (mark PRs you think are ready to merge with a :+1: comment). You should never merge your own PRs before someone else reviewed them.

PRs should adhere to our Coding Style and should contain Unit Tests if reasonable, before they are merged. Always make sure Unit Tests ran through befor merging (Travis will check that automatically).

You are free to create new branches within the main repository. No need to fork into your own account.

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