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Bug Hunting Weekends

Bug Hunting Weekends are weekends (or sometimes just one day) where a few DokuWiki developers gather on the IRC channel and work together on any open bugs and feature requests.

The rationale behind it is that it is more fun to work on bug fixing together and having immediate feedback and discussions makes it easier to decide how a bug is best fixed or if a feature should be implemented or not.

BHW's are held irregularly and are announced and coordinated through the mailing list. Everyone is invited to join. Even if you can't code you can help with testing and reproducing bugs on various systems.

Here's an example of the results of a previous BHW.

How to Contribute

  • Join the IRC channel
    • say hi :-)
  • Go through open tasks at the bug tracker (or even at the old bug tracker) and open PRs at github
    • If you think a task can be closed but aren't sure, ask in IRC
    • If you don't have enough permissions to close tasks, ask in IRC for a status upgrade
    • If reasonable, write tests for open bugs
    • Assign bugs to yourself that you want to work on
    • Fix bugs you can fix within reasonable time
    • Add comments to outline how a bug could be fixed when fixing itself would take a lot of time
  • Send patches as GitHub pull request (or if need be to the mailinglist or to Andi)
  • From time to time announce what you're currently working on - it helps others to get a feel who's busy right now
  • Goal: answer or close as many tasks as possible
  • If you're not a programmer you still can help
    • go through the bugs and see if you can reproduce them and add that info to the bug report
    • linger in the channel and see if developers need a certain environment to test things

Upcoming Bug Hunting

Next bug hunting is on Saturday the 15th of February 2014.

You can keep up to date with all important DokuWiki events, including bug hunting days, by subscribing to our calendar.

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