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Adopting a Plugin or Template

Basically there are three main steps you should take in order to adopt a plugin or template:

Preparing for the adoption

  • Try to contact the author to make sure the plugin/template is really an orphan
    • if not, send patches to the author instead of creating a new, just slightly different version of the plugin/template (like we currently have with translation, translation2, translation3, …)
    • if the plugin/template is already hosted on a platform like GitHub there is also the possibility that the current author gives you commit access so you can directly commit your changes, manage issues etc. and support the development of the plugin/template without the need that the plugin/template author needs to apply every change you are making.
  • If the plugin/template is an orphan, send a mail to the mailinglist with your intend to adopt the plugin/template

Hosting the adopted plugin or template

  • Clone the repository at GitHub if it's there already
  • If it isn't check in the last original version into some version control (git + github are recommended)

Updating the plugin or template information

  • Change the plugin/template page and the information provided in the plugin/template itself
    • put your name as author
    • put your email address
    • change the download link to your download of the plugin/template
    • put some info about the original author somewhere in the description of the plugin/template
  • Now you are ready to add your patches and make new releases (and should of course do that)

For authors giving their plugins/templates to adoption: use tag !discontinued. If possible send a mail to the mailinglist explaining which plugins/templates you are giving to adoption and in which state they are (and perhaps also some notes which skills the future author needs). Such a mail could of course also be used to find other people who are willing to help you developing the plugin/template.

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