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Action Modes aka. do Modes

List of possible action modes (may be incomplete yet) with their descriptions. These actions are usually caused by supplying an according ?do= parameter to the doku.php dispatcher. The knowledge of the current mode may be useful for making templates more dynamic or write action plugins. The current can be accessed via the global $ACT variable.

Unsorted actions FIXME describe and sort actions

action description found in
recover Recovers a draft (?) inc/template.php > tpl_content_core()
draft Shows the draft dialog (?) inc/template.php > tpl_content_core()
wordblock usewordblock (?) inc/template.php > tpl_content_core()
conflict Report conflicting save (?) inc/template.php > tpl_content_core()
cancel Replaced by 'show' () inc/actions.php > act_dispatch()
draftdel Deletes the draft, and then is replaced by 'show' inc/actions.php > act_draftdel()

Page actions

editing process

  • show: The default action, whenever no special mode is defined this one will be used. It just causes to render the current page.
  • edit: Loads the current page into the editor instead of rendering it
  • preview: Same as above but also previews the edited page below the editor
  • save: Used to save the current page - after saving a redirect using the show mode is sent. You should never see this mode in your template
  • denied: Internal mode. Used to load the access denied message
  • locked: Internal mode. Used to show the page locked message

other functions

  • backlink: Shows a list of pages that link to the current page.
  • revisions: Shows changes and editors of the current page.
  • diff: Generates a diff view for easy comparison between 2 revisions
  • subscribe: Add the current user to the mailing list of changes on the current site.
  • unsubscribe: The opposite of above.
  • subscribens: Add the current user to the mailing list of changes inside the current namespace
  • unsubscribens: The opposite of above
  • media: launches the media manager

Site actions

main functions

  • index: Shows a generated index of the pages and namespaces
  • recent: Displays recent changed pages and allows diffs
  • search: Search functionality

different views

  • export_raw: Export as wiki markup
  • export_xhtml: Export as XHTML
  • export_xhtmlbody: Export XHTML-body only
  • check: Dumps some information about the users permissions and the DokuWiki setup.
  • register: Register new user
  • login: Login user
  • logout: Logout user
  • profile: Show/Change users profile
  • resendpwd: Mail users password to given email address
  • admin: displays the admin menu with all installed Admin Plugins, available to a logged in superuser or manager.

FIXME link to development documentation (missing information here are e.g. in which version the action mode is availble (should be availble in dev docs))

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