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Less CSS Errors


  • 1410 css files
  • 755 plugins and templates
  • 33 errors found (listed below)
beaufort parse error: failed at `background:; overflow:hidden; text-align: right}` allext/beaufort/design.css on line 927
tr-twitter-master parse error: failed at `font-size: 90%` allext/tr-twitter-master/style.css on line 232
theinvisible-tindexmenu-26cf552 parse error: failed at `height: expression( this.scrollHeight > 300 ? “300px” : “auto” );` allext/theinvisible-tindexmenu-26cf552/style.css on line 130
TomCafferty-dokuwiki-plugin-eventline-387d028 parse error: failed at `filter: expression(` allext/TomCafferty-dokuwiki-plugin-eventline-387d028/timeline_ajax/styles/graphics-ie6.css on line 2
moba-dokuwiki-minimal-64fa700 parse error: failed at `width: expression((document.body.clientWidth > 1024)? “1024px” : “auto”);*/ ) + “px”);` allext/moba-dokuwiki-minimal-64fa700/style.css on line 14
tr-money-master parse error: failed at `margin-bottom: } ` allext/tr-money-master/design.css on line 868
gtime parse error: failed at `margin: 0` allext/gtime/style.css on line 59
sxs parse error: failed at `/font-weight: bold;*/` allext/sxs/sidebar.css on line 53
chat parse error: failed at `# border: solid;` allext/chat/style.css on line 44
nucleus parse error: failed at `position: relative ` allext/nucleus/wiki.css on line 123
frootysearch parse error: failed at `filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src=/lib/plugins/frootysearch/images/searchfield_caps.png,sizingMethod='crop'); ` allext/frootysearch/style.css on line 48
minimalism parse error: failed at `/ margin:5px 30px 10px 30px;` allext/minimalism/styles/layout.css on line 35
minimalism parse error: failed at `,` allext/minimalism/styles/content.css on line 117
directions parse error: failed at `#background-color: #F2FFFD;` allext/directions/style.css on line 45
tribalshout parse error: failed at `top: +1px !important;` allext/tribalshout/dokubook_layout.css on line 37
imm.dokuwiki parse error: failed at `border-top: 1px solid: #DDD; ` allext/imm.dokuwiki/styles/layout.css on line 352
dokumicrobugtracker parse error: failed at `* cursor: hand; ` allext/dokumicrobugtracker/css/demo_table_jui.css on line 37
dokumicrobugtracker parse error: failed at `* width: 50px; ` allext/dokumicrobugtracker/css/demo_table.css on line 75
dokumicrobugtracker parse error: failed at `* width: 50px; ` allext/dokumicrobugtracker/style.css on line 75
ckgedit-master parse error: failed at `filter:}` allext/ckgedit-master/ckgedit/ckeditor/skins/moono/dialog_iequirks.css on line 5
Note on ckgedit-master: According to the people at CKEditor, this syntax is required for a special situation in ie quirks mode. Could you check your parser to make sure it is not rejecting a valid item. And since the CKEditor loads its own CSS, which is outside the scope of the Dokuwiki parser, how did this error turn up? That is, does it in fact have to be changed to satisfy the parser? Or can it just be left? Thanks. — Myron Turner 2013/08/15 01:23
This error did not occur on testing with devel distro. — Myron Turner 2013/08/15 15:09
Re-installing the Eventline plugin did not cause a fatal error and Eventline worked — tom_c 2013/11/02 04:27
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