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Configuration Setting: superuser

Specifies who has superuser rights in DokuWiki. Superusers always have all permissions regardless of ACL restrictions and are allowed to edit ACL restrictions (think root).

You can set either a username, a list of usernames (“admin1,admin2”), or the name of a group by prepending an @ char to the groupname. If you run the DokuWiki installer and choose to enable ACL, this setting will be '@admin'. To change or set the superuser manually, edit the file conf/local.php and change the setting $conf['superuser'] to the username of the user(s) who are designated superuser.

  • Type: String
  • Default: !!not set!!1)

Danger: Changing this option could make your wiki and the configuration menu inaccessible.

See also

But typically this value is automatically set by the DokuWiki installer, if the installer is called by the user during the installation of the DokuWiki.
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