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 +====== Configuration Setting: sepchar ======
 +This variable determines the character that separates words in a [[:pagename]] and that replaces characters not valid in a pagename.
 +  * Type: Character (letter, digit, '_', '-', or '.')
 +  * Default: ''_''
 +The pagename is the component of the URL that specifies the page.  For example, by default the link [[doesn't exist|doesn't exist]] goes to the URL '''' ''wiki:doesn_t_exist'' is the pagename.  The default sepchar is '_', so the apostrophe and the space each appear as an '_' in the link.
 +By changing sepchar to another character, you can change the '_' to another character.  The valid sepchar characters are those that are valid in a pagename: letters, digits, underscore (''_''), dash (''-''), and dot (''.'').  The sepchar variable must contain **exactly** one character.
 +//Be careful with this variable.//  By changing it you can make pages created under a previous sepchar inaccessible.  When you create a new page, the pagename becomes the file name for the page.  If you create pages with sepchar '_' and then later use sepchar '-', your links to those previously created pages will break because the links will change but the file names won't.
 +{{:config:warning.png  }} **Warning**: Changing this option could cause unintended behaviour.
 +===== See also =====
 +  * [[:config:|Configuring DokuWiki]]
 +  * [[:Pagenames]]
 +  * [[:Seo]]
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