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Configuration Setting: proxy

DokuWiki needs to connect to the Internet for some features like RSS inclusion or caching of external images. If your wiki server is behind a firewall it may be necessary to use a HTTP proxy. Use this to configure a Web-Proxy to use for outbound connections.

  • Type: Array
  • Default: no proxy is used


The following keys may be set:

host The IP or hostname of the proxy server to use
port The port number of your proxy server eg. 8080
user If you need to authenticate on your Proxy set your username here
pass If you need to authenticate on your Proxy set your password here — note: the password is stored in plain text
the password maybe obscured1) by being uuencoded. (Setting the password using the admin/config settings page will do this automatically)
ssl If your Proxy uses SSL set this to 1 (very unlikely)
except regexp of URLs to exclude from proxy
this is not meant to be security, simply to prevent casual revelation
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