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Configuration Setting: passcrypt

Passwords should always be saved as an encrypted hash. DokuWiki supports multiple hash methods, which one it should use is defined by this option. What you choose here depends on your security needs and if you want to use an existing authentication database. DokuWiki is able to determine which method was used from an encrypted password, so you can always change the used method as long as your authentication backend supports this.

When using salted hashing, a random salt is generated when the user is initially assigned a password, and each time the user changes their password. The salt is stored with the password. Whether DokuWiki is able to apply a salt depends on the authentication backend used.

The following hash methods are available:

Option Description
smd5 Salted MD5 hashing
md5 Simple MD5 hashing (this was the method used in older Releases)
apr1 Apache style salted MD5 hashs
sha1 SHA1 hashing
ssha Salted SHA1 hashing (as used in LDAP)
crypt Unix crypt
mysql Password as used in MySQL before Version 4.1.1
my411 Password as used in MySQL 4.1.1 or higher
kmd5 Another salted MD5 based hashing as used in UNB
pmd5 Salted MD5 based algorithm as used by Wordpress
hmd5 Same as pmd5 but as used by PhpBB3
mediawiki Salted MD5 hashing as used by MediaWiki (Method B)
djangosha1 Salted SHA1 hashing as used by the Python Django Framework.
djangomd5 Salted MD5 hashing as used by the Python Django Framework.
bcrypt Salted bcrypt passwords (hashed). Needs PHP 5.3+
sha512 Salted SHA512 hashing. Needs PHP 5.3.2+
argon2i Argon2i hashing. Needs PHP 5.5.0+
argon2id Argon2id hashing. Needs PHP 5.5.0+
  • Type: String
  • Default: bcrypt

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