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 +====== Configuration Setting: jquerycdn ======
 +DokuWiki uses the jQuery and jQuery UI JavaScript libraries. By default those libraries are loaded from the same host as DokuWiki is installed on. This option allows you to load the libraries from a public Content Delivery Network (CDN) instead.
 +Using a CDN is recommended for wikis accessed from the public internet, because a CDN will deliver the data from a location physically near the user, usually resulting in faster download speeds. When running a wiki on a local network, delivery from that network is probably faster.
 +  * Type: String
 +  * Default: ''0''
 +Possible options:
 +  * ''0'' -- do not use a CDN and deliver locally
 +  * ''jquery'' -- use as CDN
 +  * ''cdnjs'' -- use as CDN
 +===== See also =====
 +  * [[:config:|Configuring DokuWiki]]
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