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-Hacked By_WinnerTurk44+====== Configuration Setting: allowdebug ======
 +To make it simpler to answer support requests, DokuWiki can output a huge list of debug strings when requested. 
 +For that, enable the option and append ''&do=debug'' or ''?do=debug'', to the URL, as in
 +This is useful to troubleshoot all kind of configuration problems when setting up the Wiki for the first time. But it reveals a lot of info about the server DokuWiki is running on as well. On [[devel:debugging|Debug tools]] other functionality that is enabled with this setting is listed.
 +:!: To be on the safe side you should disable this option and thus disabling the debug function right after your Wiki was set up successfully.
 +  * Type: Boolean
 +  * Default: ''0''
 +{{:config:security.png  }} **Security Warning**: Changing this option could present a security risk.
 +===== See also =====
 +  * [[:config:|Configuring DokuWiki]]
 +  * [[:Security]]
 +  * [[devel:debugging|Debug tools]]
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