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Configuration Setting: useheading

When this option is enabled, a link to a wiki page name will automatically use the first heading in the page for each of the following:

  • The title of the page, as shown in the browser or in search engine results.
  • The text for a link to the page, unless the link specification contains an explicit title.
  • The title of RSS feed entries for the page

Details of this option:

  • Type: Mixed
  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: off, use page name in link text
    • content: use first heading text for links in wiki page content
    • navigation: use first heading text for links in non-page content, e.g. breadcrumbs, backlinks, search results, etc.
    • 1: use first heading text in all links

(updated in DW2009-02-14; for backwards compatibility, any other values are mapped to 0 or 1 by the empty() function.)

Security Implications

Never use confidential information in the first headings of any page that has restricted read access.

The first heading of pages with restricted read access will be disclosed on other parts of the wiki which link to that page. Even if you ensure that no links to a particular page are themselves on non-restricted pages it is still possible for an editor of a non-restricted page to create a link to the restricted page in order to discover the first heading.

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