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DokuWiki Codex

Welcome to the DokuWiki Codex, an in-depth guide into DokuWiki's functions and classes. The end goal here is to organize and document every function within the platform so that searching DokuWiki %function_name or typing keeps you in your development flow.

Template Functions

Document Template

If you'd like to help out with the documentation, why not try out the template below (or improve it :) )

====== Function:  ======
Description goes here.

===== Usage =====
''function_name($param1, $param2, ...)''

  //If an parameters contains an array list out the defaults here, ex)
  $param1 = array(
      'key1'  => 'value1',
      'key2'  => 'value2'

===== Parameters =====
(STRING) Short description.\\ 
//Default: None//

(STRING/ARRAY)[optional] Short description\\ 
//Default: None//

===== Examples =====

===== Change Log =====

===== Source File =====
Link to the source file, example:

===== Resources =====
Links to forum posts or related external pages that focus on this particular function.

===== Related =====

//**This page is incomplete, why not fill in a section?**//
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