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 ===== Purging the cache ===== ===== Purging the cache =====
-See [[devel:caching#Purging the cache]]+All of DokuWiki's cache files can be easily invalidated by "touching" the ''conf/local.php'' file and thus changing its last modification timestamp. This can be done by: 
 +  * simply resaving the configuration from the [[plugin:config|Configuration Manager]],  
 +  * using the Unix command [[man>touch]]  
 +  * using the admin interface of the [[plugin:toucher]] plugin. 
 +  * or opening and saving the file in your favorite editor. 
 +For purging the cache of a single page only see [[devel:caching#Purging the cache]].
 ===== Development ===== ===== Development =====
 See the developer [[:devel:caching]] section to find more about caching. See the developer [[:devel:caching]] section to find more about caching.
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